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Argentinian brunch found in the heart of East Village

If you’re looking for quality food for breakfast, snacks, or dinner, Charbar is a place to check out. This Argentinian inspired restaurant is housed in the historical Simmons Building down in East Village. It’s location alongside the Bow River, also helped to influence it’s raw bar. So whether you’re wanting to taste their array of oysters, pistachio and avocado bruschetta, or porterhouse steak, there really is something delicious for everyone.

Seeing as breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we ventured down to taste a couple of items off their brunch menu. Deciding what to order was probably the hardest choice, but with server recommendations, we went for the asadora steak skillet and the highly rated avocado sourdough. I’m a sucker for sourdough bread, and knowing that it came from Sidewalk Citizen made it a choice I knew I wouldn’t regret. The meal was essentially an open-faced sandwich, with a whole smashed avocado, fried eggs, and deliciously salty bacon. It was impossible to finish completely, but left me full and content. Now, the asadora steak skillet was a unique potato hash. The meat literally fell off of the bone, indicating it’s tenderness and juicy taste. It was accompanied by eggs and a tasty red chimichurri sauce.

Charbar’s food was perfect, the setting rustic, and service top notch. Be sure to give them a try!


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