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This is a delicious brunch place and I’m not yolking

I hardly ever venture into the south of the city, but with a ladies brunch date in order, we added our name to the waitlist and headed into Bro’Kin Yolk. First opening in 2015 in Symons Valley, and now having three locations in the suburbs of Calgary, this place values local, fresh ingredients with a family atmosphere. They work with Mealshare and KidSport to give back and support the local community.

For our brunch today, besides your coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice mimosas, almost all of us opted for their bennies. With their signature farm fresh eggs, each is served on their famous waffles and topped with their roasted garlic hollandaise sauce. I was a little hesitant about the waffles but it added a delectable and subtle sweetness to the benny, and this was definitely an item I would order again. Another friend raved about the breakfast bacon poutine which will be on my next visit’s order.

If you’re in the neighbourhoods of Symons Valley, Mahogany, or West Hills this is a breakfast spot you should add to your list!


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