With the turn of Calgary’s warmer Summer days into the crisp, cool air of Autumn, we’ve set our sights on enjoying fragrant bowls of delicious ramen.

A rich, flavourful and steaming bowl of noodle soup, ramen has become a trending item on the food scene in recent years. This Asian comfort food starts with a base of a rich, savory broth – either pork, miso or vegetable (as well as a variety of other bases), then layered with hand-pulled noodles…and finished with a seemingly endless possibility of toppings, such as pork belly, green onions, soft-cooked eggs, nori and wakame to name a few.

We set our sights on Tokyo Street Market off of Center Street NE. The busy hustle in this small-sized establishment was ambient of the bustling streets of Tokyo’s many street markets and it’s the perfect place for a quick lunch stop.

We enjoyed a slurp-worthy bowl of their Spicy Goma Ramen, a delightfully rich noodle-filled soup with a broth of rich sesame and spicy chili forward notes, topped with black sesame seeds, wakame, spicy ground pork and finished with a generous portion of tasty pork belly. The deluxe version offers additional toppings of beef brisket and egg…and although tempting – we chose to stick to the regular offerings for this particular day.

This bowl absolutely hit the spot with its silky, heated flavour and chewy bite-back noodles. The flavour combinations are endless, as you can customize each and every one of your bites when devour this tasty Japanese cuisine and all of its succulent offerings.

Tokyo Street is definitely a “must stop” to fill your ramen void on a cool Calgary day and with it starting a only $6, that’s a price that we’re hungrily eating up.

Neighbouring ramen stops include Shiki Menya, Shinjuku Ramen Noodle Bar, Ikemen Ramen Bar and Izakaya Hanami.


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