Vietnamese food has become my comfort meal of choice. Anytime I’m feeling sick, tired, or just having a rough day, it’s what I crave. There are numerous options for Vietnamese restaurants in town, depending of course on where you live, but my longtime favourite has been Van Son. I always go to their 16th Avenue location, and have never been disappointed with the food or service. Placing an order via phone usually takes about ten minutes before you can pick it up, and when you actually go into the restaurant, it’s often about the same.

I have a few go-to options that I’d recommend you trying. If you’re a vermicelli lover like myself, their lemongrass chicken (#17) is top notch: flavourful, fresh, and topped with their delicious spring rolls. Secondly, anytime I’m sick or cold, I always order the satay peanut beef (or chicken) noodle soup (#31B or #30B). If you’ve never tried it before, it’s a must. The mix of pleasantly spicy and peanut tastiness is to die for. This soup comes in a massive bowl which I’ve never been able to finish. Leftovers are a given. They also have your delicious classics, shrimp salad rolls and spring rolls. Neither disappoint.


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