Home Calgary Cafe Alchemist is Calgary’s much anticipated Cafe to open!

Cafe Alchemist is Calgary’s much anticipated Cafe to open!

This beautiful cafe will open this month of January 2020 & we simply cannot wait!


First off, we have to say that we are so thrilled for these local entrepreneurs to open up a cafe like this — which is truly one of its kind in the city!

If you have not already, their philosophy is simply just remarkable and we could not resist but to share with all of you!

The Philosophy behind Cafe Alchemist

A form of chemistry and speculative philosophy, the practice of alchemy is principally concerned with transmuting a common substance into one of greater value – an apt metaphor for this venues prompt service and health-conscious culinary concept, deep-seated in the heart of downtown Calgary.​

Café Alchemist merges the unexpected and focuses on exceptional products and local ingredients that push forward the culinary scene, with uncompromising flavours combined with global techniques and a modern approach that considers the merit and importance of food.

If you have not already, make sure to check out their website and follow this local cafe on Instagram that is near opening!


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