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Take a walk on the sunny side at SunnyCider

This cute little cidery just opened this spring in the northeast community of Franklin. It’s in the same plaza as Heathen’s Brewing Inc., so perhaps there’s a gluten free drinking area beginning to form.

SunnyCider has a beautiful interior: crisp, white, and clean. It has lovely touches that make the taproom comfortable and cozy. They have a large selection of ciders on tap, about half being theirs and half from others. They also have numerous bottles of both ciders and beers. We sampled all of their ciders available on tap and two guest ciders, and enjoyed them all. There was a good range from sweeter to fruity to dry, so there really is something that everyone could enjoy. Although we didn’t try their food, they did have a simple menu with items such as a cheese board, reuben, and bratwurst. All of their ciders are available for purchase to take home.

SunnyCider engages with the Calgary community by encouraging individuals to drop off their apple and fruits in exchange for cider credits. For every pound of apples or pears that you drop off, you receive $0.25 in credit. One pound of cherries gives you $2 in credit and one pound of berries gives you $3 in credit. Check out their website for more information.

SunnyCider cider’s are 100% a Canadian product, handcrafted and small batch. Worthy of checking out!


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