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Calgary’s Top 4 Rolled Ice Cream Spots

We love ice cream here @GRUBBED and thought that we would try something a little different for our creamy, iced treats by indulging in one of the newest ice cream trends, rolled ice cream!

What’s rolled ice cream you ask? It’s a trending method of quickly freezing liquid ice cream onto a cold plate, which allows the mixture to produce smaller ice molecules, making it creamier than traditional ice cream. The best part of rolled ice cream is that you can watch it being made. Dessert and a show? We’re in!
We started our journey at DELLOR on Edmonton Trail, which is a cute, clean and simple establishment fragrant with the smell of fresh caramels, chocolate and fruity delights. We opted for two of the traditional flavour combinations, although they do offer a wide-variety of season combos as well. Boom Chocolate…hot chocolate ice cream, brownie, caramel drizzle, whipped cream and a chocolate pocky stick offers a chocolate lover dream. This creamy, rich chocolate and caramel combination paired together into a marriage of sweet delights and definitely satisfied our sweet tooth. Next up was the classic combination of Cookie & Cream…vanilla bean ice cream, oreo cookie, whipped cream, house made waffle (the smell of this being made put up on cloud nine!) and topped off with chocolate drizzle. An instant hit again with this one, as the lighty, airy crunch of the cookie bits was the perfect balance to the dense, smooth vanilla ice cream. 
Dellor offers the perfect rolled ice cream experience – from their fragrant aromas, delicious creamy delights and impeccable service, it’s definitely a stop you need to make.
Other rolled ice cream stops in the city include Scrollio Rolled Ice Cream and Desserts, Peerless Pearl Thai Rolled Ice Cream and Sweet Tooth Ice Cream.


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