So happy that all-time favourite bakery now offers my all-time favourite dessert!

Loved that the green tea bingsu had a very prominent & high-quality matcha flavour with a very yummy, crunchy green tea cookie crumble topping. I only wish it included the usual condensed milk to pour over it, but I would say this is still say this our new favourite spot for green tea bingsu! They also offer red bean, mango & strawberry flavours, so I can’t wait to go back and try the rest!

Of course we also had to pick up some of their delicious pastries while we were there, so I went with my go-to matcha croissant (to die for) along with a condensed milk baguette & cheese bun. I love how everything is light, fluffy, not too sweet & tastes just like all the yummy pastries you find in cafes on every street in Korea. You definitely say “Wow” after every bite!


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