It’s Holiday Season, so you know what that means…plenty of catch-up time with friends and family. Whether your meet up includes cocktails, coffee or some nibbles, Sauce Italian Restaurant located on the upper end of 17th avenue, sis one our top picks especially on their infamous “Pasta Night”. Not only is there a delicious, multitude in selections, but the flavours are savory and hit the spot just right.

Inside Sauce there is a quaint little market stop which is perfect to grab one of their in-house made pasta sauces and a package of pasta for your evening dinner. They have a cute little stop for an espresso, and holy cannoli do they have a huge selection of cannoli. We could go on about those mouthwatering treats, but that’s for another article!

We happened to hit the right night, as it was their Pasta Night. Of course they still had a good variety of appetizers, pizzas and salads to choose from, but with our chilly weather, we had our sights set on the drool-worthy looking pasta dishes. The list was extensive and to be honest, we wanted to try them all with a selection of 15 different pastas, all at only $14 each.

After making the agonizing decision, we finally settled with the Chicken and Artichoke Penne (Chicken, artichokes, bruschetta, basil pesto, cream sauce) and Spaghetti Bolognese (Spaghetti, Nonna Rosie’s tomato meat sauce) and let me tell you – they did not disappoint…in fact, it was probably one of the best pasta’s we’ve ever had. We with beautiful biteback of the al dente pasta and the perfect flavour profile combinations, both dishes were well received. The rich, creamy penne dish offered a variety of flavours that wasn’t too heavy and the spaghetti had a simple garlicky tang to each bite that we happily invited into our mouths.

Sauce was the perfect fit for our pasta cravings, and we highly recommend hitting them up on their Pasta Night, or any night for that matter. 


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