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East Coast vs. West Coast Oysters

At GRUBBED, we love our oysters and we were lucky enough to find ourselves seated in Rodney’s Oyster House in Calgary over the weekend!

First off, the decor and ambiance of Rodney’s is outstanding…from the chunky, white-washed wood-finishings, to the gorgeous eye-catching fishnet and glass globe chandelier that hangs in the heart of the restaurant.

The scene is definitely set in this magnificent venue. We found ourselves sitting at the clean, white marble top bar being greeted by Rob Stewart, one of Rodney’s Master Shuckers. Now, if you’re an oyster lover – this is the man you need to know. Of course we have our basic knowledge about the two different types of oysters…east coast tending to be a bit chewier with salty & briner notes, whereas the west coast have an overall more sweet taste, however Rob opened a floodgate of oyster knowledge to us, including the best wine pairings to accompany.

Master Shucker Rob’s in depth knowledge about these tasty ocean delights was captivating, as he explained that not all oysters from the two regions should be painted with the same brush.

Each and every oyster is different and although the specific coasts have similarities in their oysters, they still vary within those areas in their flavour profiles based on the conditions and exact location they come from.

Variances range from delicate balances of cucumber, watermelon notes to more briny, salty forward tastes…and of course everything in between. Rob happily excluded his oyster smarts to us, while not even skipping a beat in his spot-on shucking and plating process. His recommended selections for us were exactly as he described and the delicate flavours were outstanding. 

If you’re in the Calgary area, we highly recommend that you stop by Rodney’s Oyster House and navigate the menu with Master Shucker Rob’s expertise…it’s a complete dining experience on its own. 


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