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Korean Corn Dog Takeover at Meshi

Meshi has taken over social media with their current Korean Street Food takeover! Featuring their corn dogs, you can get sausage, mozzarella or a mix of both fried to order. Best of all, you can customize and add sweet potato and/or cheddar for $1 each!

I personally prefer it the “traditional” way with just mozzarella and sugar on top – Yes sugar! Makes that perfect sweet and salty combo! But the sweet potato addition is also good! You can also dress it up with Ketchup, Honey Mustard, Sweet Chilli, and Honey Butter Sugar. 

It’s a great snack but don’t expect gourmet. $1.99 for the sausage, and $3.99 for the mozzarella and the mix, it’s a great deal and beats deep frying at home!

I’d skip out on their spicy rice cakes “Dukbokki” unless you don’t mind dishing out $30 for this. Definitely lacking on the flavour and rice cakes were soggy and disappointing.

Their regular menu also features sushi, udon and rice bowls. They also have fluffy pancakes but only limited to 20 orders a day. I’ll have to come back some time to try these pancakes!

Korean Takeover is available every day after 2PM with no current end date! Make sure you give them a try before it’s too late! Reservations recommended! 

Meshi 📍 630 8 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 1G6

Let me know what you think! More info up on the gram 🙂 

-Daria (@_Dareats)


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