Restaurant Brand Identity Design


Identities must be deeper than conveying what a restaurant does. They should start the story of what the restaurant exists. Color and graphic design solidify a brand in the consumer. They’re what the brain interprets and remembers first. That makes identities especially crucial in building brand awareness and recall.

The most effective brand identities are more than a logo. They’re a visual language that works in tandem to create a personality. When crafted successfully, these elements exist with and without the traditional sense of a logo design.

Creating a visual language for restaurants brands is one of our core services at Vigor. We approach identity design through the lens of the brand’s foundations as established in the restaurant brand strategy phase. Our goal is to design a set of graphic, typographical, color, and illustrative elements that convey the brand uniquely.

Our restaurant logo designs have not only won awards by several design industry respected publications, they’ve become iconic in their local markets. That’s the power of design with #GrubbedYYC.