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A Happy Face is a Pizza Face

There’s no better way to enjoy a pizza than knowing that you’re giving back to the community while doing so. Pizza Face YYC is allowing you do to exactly that with their partnership with Mealshare, providing healthy meals to youth in need. This small pop up pizza eatery sets up within another restaurant in town, serving some select menu items and delicious New York style pizzas. On Sundays, now you can permanently find them at Bar Von Der Fels.

Booking a reservation through Instagram was easy, and we were excited to finally get a seat to enjoy this event. We attended it at Diner Deluxe on Edmonton Trail. Arriving through the doors, we were greeted by the friendly and smiling Tony, who led us to our seats. If you’ve ever been to Diner Deluxe before, this was quite the transformation from the casual brunch hangout. Your traditional red and white table cloths, Virgin Mary candles, and a serenading accordion player all helped to set the mood. Tongue and cheek at it’s finest.

The menu was limited to meatballs as an appetizers and four types of pizza, as well as a few drink options of wine, beer, and cocktail creations from a guest bartender. I found the simpleness of the menu to be quite appealing, and none of the items disappointed. Of course we started our meal with the meatballs. They were well portioned, seasoned, juicy, and incredibly flavourful. For pizza, we ordered Tony’s Roni, a twist on your classic pepperoni pizza which had a delicious honey-type sauce on the crust, and the infamous Mike’s Mighty Pickle which was bold, unique, and a must-try for any pickle lover. All in all, not only do they offer mouth-watering pizza, but it’s an experience like no other!


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